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February 23, 2021
Welcome, this week how to make nappy changes a peaceful and productive part of your daily routine. Also, we are delighted to introduce our first Educator in the Spotlight for 2021, April Hall from Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centre in Springfield, Queensland.
Nappy changing: A valuable opportunity to connect
We know from research and experience that routines play a key role in the wellbeing and development of a child. Nappy changes are an important part of the daily routine of a child, however, the focus on health and hygiene and the everyday nature of this activity often eclipse the enormous potential this precious one-on-one time provides for babies and toddlers to connect with and learn from their carer.

On average there are 5,000 nappy changes in the first three years of a child's life, and typically this routine is completed quickly, taking on average less than three minutes.
Educator in the Spotlight: April Hall
The Australian early childhood sector is comprised of a range of people with diverse personal and professional experiences, but with one goal in common, to do their best to provide high quality early education and care experiences for young children.

Every month we shine the spotlight on an outstanding educator to showcase the wonderful work happening within our community. This week meet April Hall from Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centre in Springfield Queensland.
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