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February 16, 2021
Welcome, water play is the perfect activity for this time of the year. Learn how to create a stimulating, fun and safe water play station for the children in your service. Also, strategies for managing aggressive behaviour among young children.
Plunging into the creative world of water play
Whatever the season there's always an opportunity for children to have fun with the splish, splosh, splash of water play. With the warm weather in full swing, we're diving into outdoor play ideas to heighten learning moments and as an opportunity to revisit the key benefits of water play in fostering a child's development.

Play is one of the most important aspects of a child's early life and water play is brimming with benefits. Water play offers children the chance to emulate what they see and to practice their skills, it offers an outlet for creativity and experimentation, and helps them learn how to interact and communicate with others.
Managing aggressive behaviour
Responding to a child who displays aggressive behaviour is no easy task. Reducing challenging behaviour takes time, energy and teamwork between the child, educators and the family. There is no quick fix, but the rewards of supporting children to overcome their impulses are long lasting and can ease the transition to primary school.

Research into aggressive behaviours in early education services has found the most frequent actions were pushing, pulling, fighting over objects, children taking an item from someone else, and kicking or throwing things, with around 77 per cent of the aggressive behaviour occurring during free time activities.
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