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April 6, 2021
Welcome, this week a reminder about mandatory safety standards in place to keep children safe while they are in your care. Also, psychologist Dr Nicole Nossiter explains how educators and children can benefit from understanding character strengths.
Keeping kids safe: Safety standards & legal requirements
Parents place an enormous amount of trust in educators when they leave children in their care. They walk away confident that their little ones will be kept safe, happy and stimulated until they arrive at the end of the day to collect them.

So when news around serious safety breaches come out, such as reports in January about a two-year-old boy found trapped in a storeroom at a NSW child care centre, questions are inevitably raised around exactly how providers keep the children in their care safe from harm.
How character strengths align with the EYLF
Did you know that positive psychology can provide you with a superpower that aligns with the EYLF?

Imagine a tool that encourages children to build relationships and 'belong.' A tool that focuses children on the present moment so as they can 'be' and a tool that maximises children's participation in society so they may 'become'.

This tool is borne out of the rigour of positive psychology ‐ the scientific study of how we function at our best. And what is it you may be wondering? It is none other than amazing… character strengths!

This article on positive psychology was written for CareforKids.com.au by psychologist Dr Nicole Nossiter, a former primary school teacher and the founder of Growing Strong Minds.
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