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April 20, 2021
Welcome, this week meet the Sustainable Play Preschool in Newcastle, NSW that aims to boost children's wellbeing and educational outcomes while reducing its environmental impact. Also, simple toys and activities to build a strong STEM foundation in children.
Profile - Sustainable Play Preschool
Australia's first vegan preschool is set to open in early autumn this year and will be serving 100 per cent plant-based meals to children.

Sustainable Play Preschool in the suburb of Barnsley will serve the Newcastle community, caring for preschoolers aged three to five years.

The centre "weaves sustainable and ethical practices into all aspects of children's learning, wellbeing and educational outcomes while providing a quality, play-based curriculum and plant-based meals for preschoolers," according to their marketing.
Ideas to build stem skills in preschoolers
In early education settings, we most often focus on learning through play, and building language and motor skills to help children develop.

STEM toys help us to bring another level to young children's learning by teaching skills related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But when we talk about introducing difficult subjects such as engineering and spatial awareness to preschoolers, we wonder how on earth we can make these concepts easy for them to not just understand but also enjoy.

Do STEM toys really work? Which are the best ones to work with? And how do we use them in day-to-day activities?
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