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September 15, 2020
Welcome this week Inspired EC's Nicole Halton explains how regular reflective practice can spark the imagination, promote improvement and energise daily habits in early education settings. Also, how to teach children who are hardwired for revenge about kindness and generosity.
What's all the fuss about reflective practice?
This article on reflective practice and reflective journals was written by Nicole Halton the co-founder of Inspired EC, Inspired Family Day Care and TimberNook Newcastle. Nicole works in a training and consultancy role, but her main love is writing and creating. Nicole develops many resources for Inspired EC and has co-authored seven early childhood books for Teaching Solutions. Nicole lives with her husband and three children in beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW and loves to camp, bushwalk, read and take photographs.

Keep reading for your opportunity to win one of Nicole's gorgeous reflective journals...
Are children hardwired for revenge?
We've all witnessed the outbreak of a scuffle as a young child retaliates against another who has taken their toy or knocked over their building blocks. It's an instinctive reaction for most children. So, does it follow that repaying a kindness is also instinctive? Is the idiom, "one good turn deserves another" capturing a natural childhood reflex?

Well, according to a recent study, the answer is 'no'. In a paper published last year in Psychological Science,  American researchers showed that young children were hardwired to seek revenge against bad behaviour but were unconcerned with repaying a kindness.
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