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October 6, 2020
Welcome, this week we are delighted to share an article written by Adrian Pattra, from Farran Street Education on how directors can successfully support staff through disruption and change. Also, the Thriving Futures project, a collaboration between BHP and Child Australia to improve access to early childhood services in the Pilbara.
Leading educators and managing change
This year services have seen change and disruption on an unimaginable scale. Like grass growing, change traditionally takes place in a slow and unassuming fashion. This gradual change gives you time to adapt and evolve, but this year has been different. This year change and disruption has happened so quickly that it has caught many people off guard.

This article was written for CareforKids.com.au by Adrian Pattra, a management consultant with a Master of Education (Ed. Psychology) and Education Director at Farran Street Education.
Building career pathways in the Pilbara
Early childhood services often struggle to attract and retain staff in regional and remote areas, which can reduce educational opportunities for children in the preschool years.

In an effort to level out the playing-field for children in these areas, BHP and not-for-profit Child Australia, have partnered to build a sustainable pipeline of professional talent under the Thriving Futures project.
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