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October 13, 2020
Welcome, this week Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences, which seeks to explain the different abilities of children and how best to meet their educational needs. Also, it's time to say goodbye to glitter and look at more environmentally sustainable resources for bringing bling to your art projects.
The educational angle on Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
In 1983, Harvard University Professor, Howard Gardner, proposed the Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory, it is a model that has become increasingly popular with teachers and parents as a guide to explain and differentiate the various talents and abilities of children.

Gardner's theory was released in his book Frames of Mind and it provides a useful framework to nurture young children to engage and develop by catering to their individual needs and strengths within a learning environment.

The theory of MI challenges the idea of a single IQ, where human beings have one central "computer" that houses intelligence. Gardner proposed that there are multiple types of human intelligence, each representing different ways of processing information. Simply put, people can be intelligent in different ways and all individuals possess different types of intelligence in varying measures.
Goodbye glitter, hello new world of shiny eco-sparkles
The eye-catching sparkle of glitter is not as shiny as it seems. These tiny microplastics are bad news for our environment and glitter plays a role in our planet's plastic pollution problem, often ending up in oceans, lakes and rivers and ingested by marine life.

While not the worst offender in the growing problem of plastics, the question is, do we really need glitter?

According to a recent article in Scienceline, environmental anthropologist Trisia Farrelly, of New Zealand's Massey University, the answer is a resounding 'No', she says that like many other microplastics, glitter is "avoidable, it's unnecessary, it's non-renewable and it's non-recyclable."
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