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May 12, 2020
Welcome, this week learning portfolios are in the spotlight and we take a look at the advantages of the different formats available to early childhood services. Also, how to identify and manage an outbreak of school sores in your service.
Making learning visible and accessible
Parents love them and children spend hours revisiting their pages, marvelling at their own creations, but the portfolio is more than a keepsake of precious achievements, it's a story of learning unfolding, of compelling observations that reveal the footsteps of a child's development.

The portfolio has been a mainstay of the early childhood sector but over time has taken on a more critical role for assessment and reflection. And, as technology simplifies processes, questions on presentation have arisen: What type of portfolio is best, digital or paper-based?

Susan Stacey, author of Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhood, says in her book, "Documentation is not a simple process. Yet it has the power to sustain and inspire us to support the growth of everyone who is involved with it – the children who begin the process, their families who share in the work, and the teachers who work so hard and think so deeply in order to make it all happen."
Strategies for dealing with school sores
Although the name would have you believe otherwise, school sores do happen in early childhood services, and can spread like wildfire due to the close physical proximity of children.

School sores, or impetigo, is a contagious infection on the top layer of skin, which usually presents as a small crop of blisters or sores, most commonly around the nose, mouth, arms or legs. The infection usually enters the body through a break in the skin such as through a graze, a mozzy bite or a cut.
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