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March 31, 2020
Welcome, read our latest COVID-19 article for parents in support of the sector.

Also in this edition, research shows that young Aussies are not eating enough vegetables for optimum health and wellbeing. With so many children in care, early childhood services are in a frontline position for boosting veggie consumption - we tell you how. Plus, the enduring impact of environmental education.
Supporting the Sector
'COVID-19: Keep your kids enrolled in care'
At this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we are working hard to support our high quality, hard working community of Australian early childhood education and care providers.

When COVID-19 is over, and life returns to normal, we need to ensure all of our early childhood providers are ready and able to resume their vital role of providing education and care to Australian families.

To help support the sector the following article 'COVID-19: Keep your kids enrolled in care' will be sent to the 100,000+ readers tomorrow who receive the parents edition of our weekly newsletter.
Serve veggies with fun, frequency and a side of patience
Let's face it, most children aren't thrilled about eating vegetables and it requires some inspiration and encouragement to push their attitude toward a level of excitement. Despite the challenge, early exposure is key to getting them to 'veg-up' and setting them up for lifelong healthy eating habits.

In Australia, while nearly three quarters of children are eating enough fruit, less than four per cent are eating enough vegetables, according to a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
Learning about nature: The gift that never fades
The natural world offers curious children an abundance of opportunities to explore, experience and learn. Engaging with the beauty and wonder of a natural environment offers a range of benefits and can help to relax, inspire and boost the physical and mental health of young children.

Through high quality programs and activities, early childhood educators can provide a learning culture through play and creativity where children can develop the skills and confidence to connect with the natural world. In the past, outdoor exploration was an everyday experience but now with 67 per cent of us living in capital cities, 23 per cent in other urban areas and just 10 per cent living in rural Australia, opportunities for experiencing natural environments require explicit and purposeful planning.

No matter where a service is located, there are opportunities for providing children with nature-based experiences and it is helpful for children to understand that 'nature' is all around them.
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