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June 30, 2020
Welcome, COVID-19 left many of us confused, discombobulated and a bit detached from reality, this week ideas for rebuilding your team as we readjust to 'normal' life. Also, how to support families with the transition back to CCS, and activity ideas for marking the advent of winter.
Supporting parents to return to the CCS
With the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package coming to an end and the resumption of the CCS on Monday 13 July, it’s important to remind the parents in your service what they need to do to avoid paying full fees.

Families receiving the CCS before 6 April 2020 need to confirm they are still eligible and that their enrolment is current for CCS to start again.

Families who are new to your service and who haven't claimed CCS should apply now to avoid paying full fees from 13 July.
Building stronger teams
A torrent of fast-moving changes and workplace upheavals caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has put many early childhood employees under tremendous stress, both personally and professionally. To ensure your team is resilient and in the best possible position post COVID-19 it may be helpful to revisit and revitalize your patterns of team engagement.

Many early childhood staff went above and beyond to offer exemplary support to families during the COVID-19 enforced lockdown, while still managing families and commitments in their own lives. Their situation was complicated by unclear messaging around the legislative requirements for early childhood services, financial concerns, and the practical difficulties of maintaining social distancing when dealing with small children.
Winter wonderland: Celebrate the season with fun activities and crafts
As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder it's a great time to help children ramp up their creativity and celebrate the wow factor of winter with a range of playful outdoor activities and crafty creations.

The shift from one season to another can be a difficult concept for children to understand and the transition from autumn to winter, presents a great opportunity for young children to learn about the seasons through direct experience, while having plenty of fun along the way.
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