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June 23, 2020
Welcome, this week, gain valuable ECE insights by participating in the Australian Early Education Sector COVID-19 survey… it will only take 5 minutes. Plus, Monday 29 June is International Mud Day, a terrific excuse for making muddy mayhem in your service. Also, new professional development and learning resources for educators.
Australian Early Education Sector
COVID-19 survey
You are invited to participate in the Australian Early Education Sector COVID-19 survey. By participating in this anonymous survey, you will receive access to the final report with competitive intelligence garnished from thousands of childcare services. The report will help you understand how COVID-19 has impacted your centre in comparison to similar local providers against key metrics like occupancy. You'll also gain insight and case studies on how to rebound post-COVID-19, and the role technology can play.
Making magic on International Mud Day
International Mud Day 2020 is next Monday 29 June and is a great way to celebrate the wonderful sensory experience of... you guessed it MUD. Luckily for us in Australia, International Mud Day happens slap bang in the middle of winter so there is usually plenty of water around which makes it easy to mix up a batch of the good stuff.

International Mud Day traces its origins to the 2009 World Forum for Early Childhood Care and Education in Belfast when two members of the Nature Action Collaborative for Children, Gillian McAuliffe from Western Australia and Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal discussed the challenges children faced when playing in mud in each other's context.
New resources to support EC Educators
With the continuing professionalisation of the early childhood workforce and the focus on constant improvement, new resources for the early childhood sector are regularly being developed and made available to educators.

This week we showcase two new resources, which are free to access and offer educators an opportunity to brush up their skills and rethink old ways of doing things.
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