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June 16, 2020
Welcome, this week a special reminder from ChildcareJobs.com.au on how to run an effective interview and no-go areas in terms of questions. Also, new research on the serious business of fun and why it is an important quality to children.
You can't ask that!!
Staff recruitment is one of the many responsibilities that falls on the shoulders of the early childhood service managers, and unless you are fortunate enough to benefit from a centralised HR support function, it's likely you'll do a lot of sorting through resumes and interviews.

In the early childhood sector recruiting and retaining the right people is absolutely key and no matter how fantastic a premises is, or how dazzling the services on offer, if you hire the wrong people it will be hard to make the magic happen.

For this reason it is very important to take the time to recruit the best people for your service, the people who are a great fit and who have the rare combination of skills that ensure the safety, happiness and successful development of all the children in your service.

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Having fun and being fun – Serious business for kids
With many children feeling the effects of limited access to their friends over the last couple of months, a new study has demonstrated just how important it is to have fun and what that means in a child’s social circles.

Children who are well-liked and/or popular enjoy tremendous advantages in the peer group and after decades of study, experts now know that children who are well-liked tend to be outgoing, assertive, prosocial, and academically competent and are neither aggressive nor withdrawn. Children who are popular are outgoing, assertive, and prosocial or aggressive (or both) and they too are not withdrawn.

What about the characteristic of being fun? Researchers at Florida Atlantic University in collaboration with Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, have found that being fun is a serious matter because it imparts special benefits on children.
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