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July 28, 2020
Welcome, this week 10 glorious picture books about LGBTQI children and families and new resources from ACER to support the value of 'everyday science'. Plus, learn more about being a Centre Manager at Guardian.
Be more than a Centre Manager with Guardian
"Guardian looks after the best interests of not only the children and their families but their employees as well. I feel proud of my team and the supportive company I work for," Kirbie Metcalfe, Guardian Centre Manager (Queensland).

If the children are the heart of Guardian Childcare Centres, their Centre Managers are the soul.

Kirbie Metcalfe went from Early Childhood Teacher to Centre Manager with Guardian, after being in childcare sector for 30 years. Her story is one of finding her place with a childcare organisation that inspired and supported her to take the challenging – and sometimes daunting – step into centre management.

Kirbie joined Guardian in July 2016. She says that in her three decades in the industry she has never felt the pride she now experiences working for Guardian and the incredible network of educators around her.
Books to boost LGBTQI Inclusion
Research published in The Conversation in 2018 documenting the experiences of LGBTQI families entering schools highlighted the overwhelming fact that these families wanted to be both visible and treated like any other family in their school community.

However, treating an LGBTQI family the same as all other families does not mean business as usual and will generally require a change in practice. For example forms may needed to be changed to reflect that not all families have a mother and a father, rituals around Mother’s Day and Father's Day may need to be adjusted and early discussions about where babies come from may also need to be revised to accommodate different family structures.
Showcasing 'everyday science' in the early years
Evidence increasingly supports the importance of nurturing STEM skills in children in the early years, yet some educators may find this overwhelming. Surely you need a science degree to teach children science?

The answer to this is a resounding 'NO' according to the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), which has just published a free set of resources, which aims to improve young children's scientific understanding by encouraging educators to recognise science not just as subject but as an approach to learning that is present in everyday activities.
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