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April 14, 2020
Greetings, this week how you can help us help our frontline workers through the COVID-19 crisis. Also, how to manage difficult conversations with parents, and a range of free online courses to try if you are in lockdown.
Supporting our essential services…
Some essential service providers are struggling to find child care due to public health closures, or other COVID-19 related reasons, which are reducing ease of access.

As a token of our appreciation and in recognition of the important work essential service workers are doing right now, CareforKids.com.au is offering a complimentary Vacancy Alert Pro subscription to any essential support provider who needs to find child care to continue working.

Vacancy Alert Pro can quickly help parents source child care when and where they need, via real time texts from preferred child care services with vacancies.

If you are approached by an essential service worker and are unable to offer them care, we would encourage you to send them our way, so we can do whatever we can to support them with their child care needs during this crisis.

Please ask parents and carers to contact support@careforkids.com.au to learn more, our team is ready and waiting to help.
Managing difficult conversations with parents
Discussing a difficult topic with a child's parent or carer is an inevitable situation for most early childhood educators. These conversations can be fraught, and knowing how to prepare to ensure the best possible outcome is challenging.

However, learning how to manage difficult conversations is important to developing a plan to best support the child and/or deal with the tricky situation. This week a range of strategies to help you handle these conversations in a way that reduces conflict and stress and maximises the chances of a good outcome.
Up skill and exercise your brain with a free online course
Back in the day, undertaking extra study meant you were locked into a physical location like a classroom or conference centre, not any more. Today, thanks to technology and remote access, online courses are booming and there are countless options for early childhood educators to develop and refresh their skills.

With this in mind we have curated a collection of diverse short courses. Some directly relate to learning and teaching in the early childhood sector, such as phonics and child development. But we have also included lateral programs for mindfulness and wellbeing as well as nutrition, gardening and mobile photography, which can build knowledge and confidence among educators. All, except for one, are free.
Boost your occupancy
Our Premium and Enterprise services will increase parent enquiries to your child care business
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