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September 24, 2019
Welcome, this week some tips from FeedAustralia on how to reduce the volume of food waste in your service, and a refresher & reminder on ratios from ACECQA.
Reduce Your
Food Waste
According to FeedAustralia, the online meal planning resource designed to assist early childhood education and care providers move towards healthier menus, around 30 per cent of the waste generated by a typical early childhood service is food.

This may be due to over generous portion sizes, poor storage and waste management, child preferences, and lack of planning.

Over time this waste generation has a detrimental effect on the environment, but it also impacts a service's bottom line, reducing profitability, and the pool of money available to spend on other things.
Ratio Refresher
As all early childhood providers are well aware, Section 165 of the Education and Care Services National Law requires that all children being cared for by an education and care service must be adequately supervised at all times while in the care of the service.

This means close adherence to minimum educator-to-child ratios and the organisation of educators to ensure the safety, wellbeing and welfare of children as well as support of their learning and development in an effectively supervised early learning environment.
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