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September 17, 2019
Welcome, families come in all shapes and sizes and this week a reminder about the importance of maintaining an inclusive approach to families in your service. Also, the amazing benefits of gardening.
Celebrating Diverse Families
Long gone are the days of a nuclear family being the norm. Children these days might have foster parents, half siblings, a single mum or dad, parents of the same sex, a blended family, multiple cultures and languages, grandparents as their guardians, and more.

It's important that all kinds of families are recognised and celebrated at your service to ensure that every child feels accepted and represented. Here are a few tips and ideas for creating an inclusive family environment in early childhood settings.
Gardening activities for little green thumbs
Gardening is an educational, stimulating, and interesting activity for children in early childhood services. Being outdoors and getting their hands dirty is not only fun but children can also learn new skills while they play as well as developing fine motor skills and self-confidence from growing their own food.

There are many different ways to include gardening in your early childhood curriculum with activities that children of all ages can enjoy and participate in. Let's look at a few ideas to get you inspired and learn some of the advantages of gardening for preschoolers.
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