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October 8, 2019
Welcome, this week converting touring parents into enrolments and how to foster a sense of wonder among the children in your early learning service.
Converting lookers
to bookers
With many areas experiencing issues of over supply and providers struggling to fill vacancies, now, more than ever, it's important to make a great first impression on families and to run a professional and informative tour, which leads to touring families converting to enrolments.

Tours are your opportunity to connect with families and to demonstrate your service's approach to the education and care of children as well as your facilities and the programs on offer.

When planning and running tours of your service it's important to think about which of your staff members are best placed to showcase your service in its best possible light, answer questions and provide a warm and welcoming tone to the tour.
Fostering a sense
of wonder
A child's sense of wonder is an ineffable and precious commodity - celebrated in poetry and pedagogy alike. What is it exactly? One online dictionary defines 'wonder' as "a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar". For preschool age children, with relatively little that is understood or familiar, that leaves a lot of scope for wonderment.

The rapt fascination of a toddler gazing at a snail's delicate antennae unfurling, or tendrils of food colour swirling like smoke in bathwater, the awe on Christmas morning when they see Santa Claus has come - wonder is a quality linked to innocence, intertwined with openness, that many of us would like to insulate forever against the hard edges of adult life.
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