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November 5, 2019
Welcome, this week it's Outdoor Classroom Day, so why not take the opportunity to join a worldwide movement aimed at boosting opportunities for children to enjoy education and play outside. Also, Anji play, an approach to early childhood education which celebrates radical joy.
Using nature to nurture on Outdoor Classroom Day
Join the big kids this November 7 for Outdoor Classroom Day, a global campaign to embrace the fun and benefits of getting outside to play and learn.

Outdoor Classroom Day encourages educators to celebrate and inspire children through outdoor play-based learning and can be held on any suitable day in early November.

Currently this initiative is aimed at school-aged children but it only needs a few age-appropriate tweaks to make it fun and enriching for younger children.
Anji Play
Radical joy in early childhood education
China is known for its centuries-long devotion to education, its veneration of scholar aristocrats, Confucius' minutely detailed objectives for education as a pathway to a full life, not to mention the nation-wide Imperial civil service examinations through which low-born but clever people could make their way into powerful administrative positions.

This history goes a long way to explain the seriousness with which Chinese people take their children's education, and this cultural group is often criticised for going to extreme lengths to supplement education with intensive and rigid 'hot housing' tutoring.

But stereotypes can be very misleading, and China's rich cultural background provides an unparalleled depth of experience in education, across well over a thousand years.
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