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May 28, 2019
Welcome, this week how to communicate effectively with parents when you have concerns about a child, and how early learning settings can support children to be water safe.
How to communicate with parents when there is an issue
The key to maintaining positive partnership with parents is effective communication. No one is more of an expert on a child than their parents, so regularly communicating and listening to share information is the best way to build trust and ensure you’re both working together to create the best outcomes for the child.

This is particularly important when an educator suspects there might be an issue concerning a specific child. If not handled correctly it could be very detrimental, not only to the relationship with the parents, but also the child's general wellbeing. This week, expert tips on how best to raise concerns with parents when you’re an educator.
Kids Alive
Do the Five
This editorial was written by Emma Lawrence from the Kids Alive Do The Five Drowning Prevention Campaign for preschool-aged children, which was founded by former Olympic swimming coach Laurie Lawrence.

When the Kids Alive – Do the Five, drowning prevention program launched nationally in the year 2000, statistics revealed that 63 children under the age five drowned in Australia. Alarmingly for every drowning death, a further 3-4 children were admitted to hospital following a non-fatal drowning, leaving many children with lifelong disabilities.

Former Olympic Swimming Coach turned water safety advocate Laurie Lawrence, who was operating a water safety program in Queensland at the time, said these statistics prompted him to take action at the national level.
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