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May 14, 2019
Welcome, this week meet the new Head of Early Learning at G8 Education and read her views on Australia's early childhood, also ideas to help you keep the calm during mealtimes.
Meet Julie Madgwick
G8 Early Childhood Expert
This week we are delighted to introduce the new Head of Early Learning at G8 Education, Julie Madgwick.
How to turn mealtimes into successful development experiences
The simple act of eating with others has long been considered a celebrated occasion and an opportunity to learn and connect with family and loved ones. It's no different when it comes to mealtimes in early childhood education and care settings. However, in your desire to get all the children fed, dishes cleared away and move onto the next activity, it can be easy to fall into an autopilot routine that misses important opportunities for growth and development.

In this article we look at why mealtimes are so valuable for young children, remind you of the various strategies for encouraging education, and suggest ways to improve your current systems or create different mealtime experiences.
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