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March 12, 2019
Welcome, this week how to convert leads to enrolments and the importance of making a good first impression. Also, powerful new research on the qualities that make a great teacher.
How to convert leads to enrolments and keep your centre full
It's fantastic when you get a new enquiry or customer lead for your early childhood service, and tour bookings are even better. But how many of these do you manage to convert into a successful enrolment? Selling your service to someone who has already shown interest or initiated contact is always going to be far easier than marketing to the masses.

So how do you do it? According to child care marketing expert, Kris Murray, it's all about creating trust. The two key situations that are essential for initiating a bond with parents are phone calls and tours.
Are you a great teacher?
This article was written by researchers from the University of Melbourne and offers helpful insights for teachers of all ages on the qualities which have the biggest impact on a child's learning.

It's well-known that teachers have the biggest influence on student learning over any other in-school factor, including class size, facilities and peer groups. But what is it about the teacher themselves, and how they teach, that can improve student learning?

As part of our research, we conducted a review of 52 secondary sources of evidence (covering 1,427 primary research studies on effective teaching) to find the top ten characteristics that great teachers all share.

We found teachers' self-efficacy, or their own belief in their innate ability to 'get the job done', had the strongest relationship to student learning
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