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June 25, 2019
Welcome, this week strategies for managing different personality types among your staff, and a timely reminder on the importance of ensuring equal opportunities for all children to access high quality early childhood education.
How to manage different personalities among your educators
One of the most challenging, time consuming, and subsequently costly elements of running an early childhood centre is the recruitment, training, and retention of quality staff members.

Ensuring staff are happy is the key to preventing high turnover, however a recent study, showed that only 31 per cent of childcare workers are 'highly satisfied' in their current centre.

The solution? Identifying the different personalities of your educators and what motivates them, to ensure you're meeting their goals and managing them effectively as a team.
Early Childhood Education
A chance to even the odds
This article was written by Megan O'Connell, University of Melbourne.

A child's destiny is heavily influenced by the lottery of socio-economic status and where they happen to grow up, but access to quality early learning can help even the odds for all Australian children.

Each year 60,000 children across Australia start school developmentally behind their peers in key areas like language and emotional competence. These children exist in every community, but because of the lottery of where they were born, some children fare worse than others.

But access to quality early learning can help even the odds for all Australian children.
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