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June 11, 2019
Welcome this week, learn about the early childhood services doing away with toys, and interesting new research on the amazing power of using age appropriate messaging to broaden children's taste horizons.
Early childhood services taking away the toys
It's widely acknowledged that play based learning is important for the wellbeing and development of young children. But when it comes to playing with toys the jury is out.

Our modern world full of mass consumerism and impressive technological advancements means that children are spoilt for choice when it comes to toys. Regardless of whether they're designed to be educational or not, some experts now believe that toys are the wrong tactic for helping toddlers grow and learn.
Moon squirters and broccoli trees: The power of child focused language
Quality Area 2 of The National Quality Standard requires early childhood services to promote healthy eating and provide food and drinks that are nutritious and appropriate for each child.

This is a considerable responsibility and it can be challenging for educators to know which foods to offer children and how much they are consuming. In addition, food refusal among preschoolers is common and this can make the introduction of new and unusual foods hard work.
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