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July 9, 2019
Welcome, this week a case study on MercyCare's intergenerational care initiative and the amazing benefits to be had, and 7 roar-some dinosaur themed activity ideas to get your Jurassic juices flowing. Plus, we'd like to introduce you to our new and enhanced Vacancy Alert system.
Meet the enhanced Vacancy Alert system
High quality leads in real time

You asked for more accurate child care leads, and now you've got them. Our enhanced Child Care Vacancy Alert system will help you fill vacancies quickly and easily by delivering high quality leads from local parents looking for care in your suburb right now.

Using spatial data Child Care Vacancy Alert now matches a parent's care requirements precisely to the early childhood services with vacancies in their preferred suburbs. For providers this means less time sifting through leads and a greater number of high quality connections.

This powerful capability applies to all early childhood providers within the community, with Enterprise customers receiving leads to parents looking for care in their suburb as well as surrounding suburbs.

In addition, early childhood providers can opt to receive real time matching and notifications via text or email instead of the next day. Remember, the sooner you contact a parent who registers care requirements matching current vacancies in your service the sooner you can fill those vacancies.

With many areas facing over supply and new early childhood services entering the market every week, real-time matching of parents and vacancies is an effective way to respond to parent needs and fill vacancies fast.

Child Care Vacancy Alert is powerful and responsive and if you like the sound of real time alerts then contact to opt in.
Worldwide boom in
intergenerational care programs
There's been a global rise in the number of early childhood centres inviting aged care residents to interact with their preschoolers, and it's not hard to see why. Intergenerational care can fill social gaps for both the young and the elderly, offering children an opportunity to learn while supporting older people in feeling energised and less socially isolated.

West Australian Catholic-run community service provider, MercyCare, has been organising visits from aged care residents to its 12 Perth-based early learning centres for five years and is a great example of an intergenerational care program in action.
Why children love dinosaurs
7 roar-some activity ideas
Young children love dinosaurs and while Jurassic passions may seem like just another passing craze all children go through, there are some interesting explanations behind the infatuation.

Encouraging more engagement in 'dino play' can foster key developmental skills including confidence in STEM as well as creativity. This week learn why dinosaurs are a great theme for craft and play, and how to stimulate dino-play in your service with a few new activity ideas.
Boost your occupancy
Our Premium and Enterprise services will increase parent enquiries to your child care business
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