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July 23, 2019
Welcome, this week strategies to help you support those all-important early childhood friendships, and 10 fabulous picture books with strong female leads.
Supporting early childhood friendships
Social interaction, bonding with peers, and establishing and maintaining friendships are important developmental milestones that offer children many benefits. Not only do friends have the power to boost happiness, reduce stress, and help children cope with life's difficulties, but they can encourage learning and help children develop confidence.

Encouraging children to develop and maintain friendships in the early years is an important role for educators, and this week we look at the reasons why.
10 children's books with strong female protagonists
Despite the surge in recent years for powerful female characters and stories, led predominantly by the wildly successful 2016 title Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, according to new research female protagonists remain largely invisible in Australian picture books for young children.

Additionally, where female led books do exist, they tend to focus on female stereotypes such ballerinas and princesses, compared to male characters who have a much wider variety of diverse roles.
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