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February 26, 2019
Welcome, this week a reminder on physical activity guidelines for children in the early years and 6 tips for recruiting amazing staff on a budget.
Let's get physical
How much exercise should children be doing?
Physical activity is vital to a child's healthy development and helps with confidence, strength, motor skills, sleep, stress, obesity, behavioural issues and more. As many young children attend an early childhood service for a large portion of the day, it's important that all early childhood educators are aware of how much exercise children receive under their watch.

But how do you know how much physical activity is enough for each age group? We look at the current Australian guidelines for infants and young children, and have some helpful tips for boosting activity levels in your service.
How to recruit great employees when you're on a budget
In the early childhood education and care sector high turnover of staff can be a real problem for providers. Having to recruit regularly is time consuming and costly, so it's important to try and attract the right people for your service without breaking the bank.

When budgets are tight the best approach is to use different resources and tactics that are either free or low-cost. The good news is that you can still recruit amazing staff this way.
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