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August 6, 2019
Welcome, this week the surprising benefits of barefoot learning, and an interview with qualified early childhood educator, Beth Borowsky, who now teaches yoga to children.
Lose the Shoes
How children can benefit from barefoot learning
Children love going barefoot and there's a reason why – it's good for them. While it can be a worry for educators with regards to risk of injury and concern over what parents might think, research shows that it's beneficial for young children's development and wellbeing.

Instead of doing daily battle with children who keep wanting to take their shoes off, why not ditch the footwear and embrace barefoot learning. Here's a closer look at why it's beneficial, and a few tips for how to safely manage no shoes in your centre.
How yoga benefits children
This week we spoke with children's yoga expert and qualified early childhood educator, Beth Borowsky from KarmaKidsYoga and The Karma Class to learn about the benefits of yoga for young children.

How long have you been teaching yoga classes in early childhood centres?

I have been teaching children yoga for 14 years now.
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