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August 27, 2019
Welcome, this week learn about the benefits of biophilic design in early learning environments and 10 fun Father's Day gift ideas to make with the children in your service.
The benefits of biophilic design
for early learning centres
According to proponents of biophilic building design, as humans have evolved, the divide between the natural environment and the built world has become greater, and the effects are negatively impacting us as a society. They believe children are too caught up in this artificial, electrical world of sterile buildings filled with modern technology and as a result, are now experiencing nature deficient disorder and biophobia, a fear of anything natural, which can significantly impact their development and wellbeing.

The solution? Biophilic designed early learning centres, to establish and nurture that instinctual bond between humans and nature from early childhood for lasting positive effects.
Fun Father's Day craft ideas to make Dad proud
Young children love giving homemade gifts and artwork to their parents and loved ones, and even more so when there's a special purpose in mind.

With Father's Day right around the corner it's a great opportunity to keep those little hands busy and build those fine motor skills.

Father's Day craft creations can be ideal for other father figures too, such as grandfathers, godfathers, and uncles, meaning no one is left out. Here are ten fun Father's Day craft ideas to try in your service.
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