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August 20, 2019
Welcome, this week we take a look at the practice of intentional teaching and how educators can employ this approach to scaffold children's learning. Also, should you get a fur or fin baby for your service, we weigh up the pros and cons.
A close look at intentional teaching
Intentional teaching is a term used frequently in relation to early childhood education, but what is it exactly, and can any educators or carers incorporate it into their program?

In this article we learn what intentional teaching is about and the benefits for young children and offer some easy suggestions for incorporating intentional teaching in your service.
Animals in early learning settings
What you need to know
Children love animals and there are a range of benefits and learning experiences to be gained from keeping animals in early education services. Animals provide a great opportunity for children to learn about responsibility, through handling, feeding and cleaning them and they can also be a valuable source of inspiration for the curriculum.

However, there are many things to be mindful of when keeping animals in early learning settings and we've got the rundown.
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