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April 16, 2019
Welcome, this week how we can remove the barriers for men wanting to enter the early childhood workforce as offered by Jae Fraser from Little Scholars, who is working hard to this end. Also, new research on the link between bullying and depression in early childhood.
Attracting more men to the early childhood workforce
According to and the ABS, less than one per cent of all early childhood education and care workers in Australia are male. When you consider recent progress with regards to gender diversity in the workforce and the uptake in paternity leave, this begs the question, why is this figure is still so low?

It appears there are still a number of barriers for men wanting to enter the early childhood profession. And yet, the benefits of children learning from both male and female educators in the early development years are huge. Here are some key insights into the issue, including comments by Jae Fraser of Little Scholars in Queensland, who offers advice on how to shift the balance in your centre.
The link between
bullying and depression
In Australia rates of bullying are high, with figures showing one in two Australian children are bullied on a regular basis. School aged children are the most affected due to technology related cyber bullying, along with other forms of emotional and physical bullying. However, what many don't realise is that bullying actually begins in the toddler years.

A new study has revealed that two and three-year-olds who both bully and are bullied themselves, are the most likely to show signs of childhood depression and experience depression later in life. It's therefore important that steps to prevent bullying start in early childhood to help young ones feel safe and supported while reducing the risk of depression in later life.
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