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September 4, 2018
Welcome, National Child Protection Week is 2-8 September, and we interviewed NAPCAN Queensland Manager Sammy Bruderer about what early childhood educators can do to protect children. Be sure to fill in the ACA survey on the issue of oversupply and the importance of professional development for staff.
The growing issue of oversupply
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Remember the days of overloaded wait lists? For many early learning centres this is just a distant memory.

For early childhood education and care providers in some areas over supply has become a huge issue, and with no planning system and few barriers to entry, it is likely to be a growing issue for many providers.

To understand the experiences of early learning services with regards oversupply and to inform decisions around further development in some areas the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is currently running a survey.

ACA president Paul Mondo said over supply is becoming increasingly problematic in certain geographic areas and can lead to increased costs to families and potentially a decline in quality.

"The data collected from the survey will greatly assist in demonstrating the patterns unfolding regarding new developments in already serviced areas and lower occupancy rates. We therefore encourage all early learning service providers to take the time to complete this important survey," said Mr Mondo.

The ACA is encouraging as many providers as possible to complete the survey and we strongly urge you to have your say.
National Child Protection Week 2-8 September
This week is National Child Protection Week (2-8 September), an opportunity for people to think about the best ways to keep children safe and free from harm.

We interviewed the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) National Manager for Child Safe Organisations Sammy Bruderer to learn how early childhood services can protect young children from abuse and harm.
Offering professional development is a win-win
While the battle for a pay increase for the early childhood sector continues, many centre managers, directors and owners face daily concerns about attracting and retaining their staff.

A stable staff is great for business, it means the children in a service receive continuity of care and have the opportunity to build strong and stable relationships with their educators, it boosts staff morale, productivity and loyalty rates and can help a service develop a reputation as a great place to work.
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