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October 9, 2018
Welcome, this week how to build a more motivated team of employees in your early childhood service and 10 tips for easing the transition to big school.
How to build a motivated workforce
Good managers intrinsically understand the benefits of leading a more motivated workforce, which include reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, greater staff retention, improved reputation, increased profit and improved staff morale overall.

The challenge is in trying to understand the spectrum of motivations which lead staff to turn up to work each day. These motivations are likely to be as different as the people on your team and it can be unhelpful to try and apply the same rules to everyone. This is especially important in the early childhood workforce, where the hours are long and staff turnover can be a challenge.
10 ways to support children and parents prepare for school
It's the time of year when early childhood services start proactively supporting children to further develop the skills required to make a successful transition to 'big' school. While most high-quality settings lay the foundations for success at school through offering programs based on play-based discovery and learning, there are a few additional boosts children can be offered in these last few months before Term One 2019.
Boost your occupancy
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