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November 13, 2018
Welcome this week, Mindfulness Expert Lisa Mount offers a range of simple suggestions for educators wanting to incorporate mindfulness practice in their service, and how to choose between two outstanding recruits. Plus, a new website, The Sector, has launched and is calling for contributions.
The benefits of mindfulness for young children
Lisa Mount is a Mindfulness Educator, sharing mindfulness with young children via her Program 'Magical Mindful Me'. She is also a naturopath, doula, energetic practitioner, health writer and mum to two young boys, and lives on the Bouddi Peninsula on NSW's Central Coast. You can learn more about her sessions and classes for both adults and children at Bouddi Wellbeing.

This week Lisa offers suggestions for early childhood providers interested in adopting mindfulness practice in their services and explains the benefits for children.
New ECEC news, views and reviews website launches
The Sector - a new website and e-newsletter dedicated to providing the latest news and information on the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector - has launched and is calling for contributors and feedback.

The website is the ECEC sector's first dedicated, independent, online business news, views and reviews website for centre managers, operators and owners to produce timely, valuable and informative content on developments, issues and products that impact ECEC professionals in Australia.

The Sector is published by Sector Publishing, a company founded by former G8 Education CEO, Jason Roberts. Talking about his vision for the website, Mr Roberts said, "Ever since joining the sector in 2013 I have yearned for a consistent, reliable and engaging source of news, views and reviews that commented directly on subjects that mattered to me and those around me in my day-to-day working life."

"What we, at The Sector, hope to bring to all of the professionals working in and around the ECEC sector, is a steady stream of engaging, insightful and useful content that is relevant to them, their teams, and the organisations they work for," he said.

Mr Roberts also called on ECEC professionals who would like to contribute to or provide feedback on the website.

"We recognise that we cannot do this alone. For us to be able to make a real difference we know that we have to always be prepared to work with you on matters that you think are important."

"Whether it be covering an event that is important to you, investigating and subsequently reporting on a story that is important to you, or simply providing a platform for you to share your opinions – we will always be here," said Mr Roberts.

To sign up to The Sector weekly e-newsletter or to browse the website, visit

To get in touch with The Sector team about contributing or with your feedback, email editor Lyndsie Clark at
Choosing between two stellar recruits
Staff recruitment is an ongoing responsibility for managers in the early childhood sector. While directors from larger centres may benefit from a centralised HR department, for the owner/directors of smaller centres it’s another responsibility to add to the list.

Recruiting new staff to the team is a job that becomes easier with practice and if a candidate has the requisite skills and experience the most important consideration is likely to be whether they will fit in with the rest of the staff and the established culture of the organisation.
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