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May 8, 2018
Welcome, this week's focus is the Steiner/Waldorf approach to early childhood education, including an interview with Melissa Baker from Honeybee Cottage, a Steiner service, in Main Arm NSW. Also a lovely list of Mother's Day craft ideas.
The Steiner approach to early childhood education and care
The Waldorf or Steiner approach to early childhood education is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher who attempted to find a link between science and spirituality and who founded anthroposophy.

The first school based on Steiner's thinking was opened in 1919 in the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette factory in Stuttgart to provide an education to the children of employees. The name Waldorf has stuck and now both names refer equally to schools and early childhood services which adopt the Steiner approach.
Steiner in practice
Honeybee Cottage
Honeybee Cottage is a Steiner Family Day Care in Main Arm NSW, owned and operated by Melissa Baker. We interviewed Melissa about the Steiner approach to early childhood education to learn how it benefits children and how services interested in this approach can incorporate some of the values and practices in their program.
Gift ideas for Mother's Day
Want to know the quickest way to melt a mother's heart? A rickety home-made present from their precious preschooler. This month we have compiled a list of adorable gift projects perfect for Mother's Day, which is this weekend Sunday 13 May.
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