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May 22, 2018
Welcome, this week safe sleeping ideas for services considering offering children the opportunity to sleep and rest outside plus how to spot a great resume when recruiting staff.
Outside sleeping
Staying safe and resting well
A very quick Google search of 'sleeping outside in child care centres' throws up a surprisingly large number of results as a growing number of early childhood services explore this approach to managing sleep and rest.

Outdoor sleeping is very popular in the UK and Nordic countries such as Denmark and Sweden, where it is an integral part of the popular forest school movement. With Australia's relatively mild climate, it seems like this would be the perfect place to offer outdoor sleeping to children in care.
What does a good resume look like?
Recruiting and retaining high quality staff is a constant bugbear for early childhood directors. While bigger centres may have the support of an HR team to manage resumes and interviewing, for many smaller operators the responsibility usually falls directly on the shoulders of the owner/director.

For managers new to hiring staff, the process can be quite overwhelming, as well as costly and time consuming (especially in the case of bad hires!). In an effort to make the hiring process easier, we will be running a series of articles over the coming months which offer effective strategies for recruiting and retaining early childhood staff.
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