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May 1, 2018
Welcome, this week ideas to boost activity levels in light of a new report which reveals 66 per cent of Australian children aren’t getting enough physical exercise and how to participate in the child safety road show currently underway.
Boosting activity levels in early childhood
The largest global study to examine physical activity in children aged between two and five years old has found 66 per cent of children are not getting the nationally recommended three hours (180 minutes) of daily physical activity needed for optimal growth and development.

The PLAYCE study, led by The University of Western Australia (UWA) tracked the physical activity of 1600 children from more than 100 Perth early childhood education and care services over the past two years. The researchers attached activity-monitoring belts to the children and tracked their activity throughout the day over the course of a week.
Improving the safety of Australian children
Early childhood education and care providers have the opportunity to strengthen and improve their current child safety systems in light of recent recommendations made by the Royal Commission.

National child harm prevention charity, ChildSafe, has started an 8-month nation-wide tour to empower organisations that work with children to apply best practice when it comes to child safety.
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