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June 5, 2018
Welcome, this week meet the early childhood provider making great efforts to attract and retain men in the early childhood workforce and learn how to write effective marketing copy for your service.
Boosting gender equality in the early childhood sector
In an industry typically dominated by women, one early childhood provider is taking a proactive approach to redressing the balance by supporting and encouraging more men to enter the sector.

Big Fat Smile has 40 per cent more male educators than the Australian average, when compared with figures released by the ABS. According to Census data from 2016 female educators represent 95 per cent of the workforce across Australia, compared to 4.9 per cent of male educators.
Writing better marketing copy is as easy as ABC
Marketing is sometimes a necessary evil for early childhood services. With more competition and media savvy parents it's becoming harder for providers to stand out and be noticed, which makes marketing your service increasingly important.

While many larger services benefit from an in-house marketing/PR team, for the smaller providers, marketing campaigns, website management, newsletters and social media often fall into the hands of the director or centre manager. This is a time consuming job and for people not versed in marketing lore it can be mighty frustrating.
Boost your occupancy
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