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July 10, 2018
Welcome, this week important considerations when choosing a digital platform for your service, and how early childhood educators can curb the effects of emotional eating.
5 Questions you should ask yourself when choosing a digital platform
by Daniel Donahoo
The early childhood sector is changing. New generations of families are arriving with children in hand and screens in their pockets. Parents are asking us to email them, or openly asking us whether we have an app for that, whenever we hand them a notice or ask them to look at our beautifully designed documentation book.

Hand in hand with these developments come new companies, new technology platforms and new sales people knocking on our doors asking whether we’d like to sign up to help us communicate, document or administrate more efficiently and effectively.
The effects of emotional eating at home
The tendency for children to eat more or less when stressed and upset is mainly influenced by the home environment and not by genes, according to a new study by University College London (UCL).

The study, published recently in Pediatric Obesity, found that genetics only play a small role in young children's emotional over-eating and under-eating, unlike other eating behaviours in childhood such as food fussiness.
Boost your occupancy
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