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February 27, 2018
Welcome, this week our early childhood finance expert Peter Khalil explains how services can prepare for the introduction of the single Child Care Subsidy in July, and while we're not advocates of a totally glitter free childhood, for services committed to cutting down plastic consumption in 2018, we've five great alternatives to plastic glitter.
Preparing for introduction
of the Single Child Care Subsidy
After agreeing on several compromises with Senate crossbenchers earlier this year, the Turnbull government passed its $1.6bn child care package and its $2.4bn welfare savings in 2017.

The child care package will introduce a single means-tested subsidy for families to replace the existing rebate and benefit. Depending on income, the single subsidy will cover up to 85 per cent of child care for some families, with low income households receiving the highest benefit. The new subsidy will be paid directly to service providers who will need to be aware how these changes impact them.
To glitter or not to glitter?
5 great alternatives
With increasing understanding about the harmfulness of micro plastic pollutants entering the water system, scientists from around the world are advocating for a ban on a range of single use plastic items, one of which is glitter.

To this end, Tops Day Nursery, a British early childhood education and care centre has banned the use of glitter in craft activities
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