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February 13, 2018
Welcome, this week a new study which shows Montessori preschools may boost academic outcomes and ideas to help you celebrate Sweetheart Day, tomorrow, February 14.
Study shows Montessori preschool boosts academic results
A new study has shown that not only do Montessori children do better overall than those in conventional preschools, but Montessori preschools may also help children from low-income backgrounds to perform as well as wealthier children.

Strikingly, children from low-income families, who typically don't perform as well at school, show similar academic performance as children from high-income families and children with low executive function also benefit from Montessori preschools.
Sweetheart Day / Valentines Day
craft ideas
In Australia February 14 is Valentine's Day, but it is also Sweetheart Day, the flagship fundraising event for HeartKids the charity dedicated to supporting children, teens and adults affected by congenital/childhood heart disease.

According to the HeartKids website, eight babies are born in Australia with a heart condition every day and each week four lives are lost due to congenital/childhood heart disease.

You can learn more about Sweetheart Day and how you can support fundraising efforts here. We thought a few heart themed craft ideas would be a fun and interesting way to tie up the themes of Valentine's Day and Sweetheart Day, so here are nine awesome ideas to try in your service:

Button heart collage: Scale back the size of these heart templates and you won’t need quite as many buttons or bling to decorate them. A great activity for all ages.

Heart people: A quick and easy paper based activity.

Mosaic hearts: Another quick paper based activity, which encourages the development of fine motor skills and results in a pretty heart collage you can hang.

Woolly hearts: This is a great activity for using up any leftover wool or yarn you have in your supply cupboard and is fun textural activity.

Wrapped hearts: Another activity which uses wool, this one with a simple pipe cleaner frame.

Heart on strings: These look lovely connected and hung from the ceiling and are quick, easy and mess-free!

Collage sun catchers: These sun catchers are a step up from the last project and some children will require assistance with cutting the heart templates. This activity is probably better for older children.

These craft ideas were originally sourced on Hands On as We Grow, East Coast Mommy, No Time for Flash Cards and Stay at Home Educator.
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