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April 24, 2018
Welcome, this week a contribution from Australian Nanny Association vice president Lauren Brown on new mandatory qualifications for nannies and how to bring stories alive by making read aloud books amazing.
The rise of the modern nanny
By Lauren Brown, Vice President of the Australian Nanny Association

When most people hear the term nanny they associate the profession with icons like Super Nanny - Joe Frost, Mary Poppins or the fabulous Fran Fine but why do all the nanny icons come from the more established nanny industries in the USA and UK? There is no denying that the Australian nanny industry has had a long way to grow but for those of us working within the sector we know the Australian industry is very much on the rise, especially over the last five years.
Bringing stories to life
As everyone working in early childhood knows, reading aloud is one of the most effective strategies for promoting early literacy and a life-long love for learning among children.

Whether during circle time, in small groups or one-on-one, sharing books with children on a daily basis is an essential and enjoyable part of the day for most early childhood educators.

When reading aloud to a group of unruly and rambunctious, but keen listeners, it can be tricky to maintain interest and attention for the duration of a book.
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