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April 10, 2018
Welcome, have a say on the early childhood sector in our 2018 Child Care and Workforce participation survey, 7 timesaving tools to help you get more done in your day and KU launches events in Victoria.
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13th Annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey
On 1 July, the single Child Care Subsidy will take effect, a change which will affect everyone working in the early childhood sector as well as families using early childhood services, vacation care and before and after school programs. How are you feeling about the changes? Do you know how you will be impacted?

Every year we survey people about the Australian early education and care system to learn more about what is working and what is not. We tailor our questions to reflect current changes and challenges in the sector and the results offer valuable insights into the health of our system from the people who rely on it.

In addition to the new child care subsidy, this year, our survey gives you an opportunity to tell your wider early childhood story, share your thoughts and/or have a rant if that's what you feel like.

In addition to the new Child Care Subsidy, we have also included questions on occasional and flexible care, an increasingly popular choice among parents, which a growing number of providers now offer.

Your opinion is important, and we encourage you to take a few moments to complete the survey. By sharing your experiences, you will help us paint an accurate picture of the early childhood landscape and what changes are needed moving forward.

In coming weeks, we will summarise findings from the survey and publish them here, so you can see how your experiences compare with other people in the sector and learn how families feel about Australia’s early childhood industry.

The survey takes a short 7 minutes so why not do it now? As an added incentive, for every survey completed, we will donate $1 to one of these three charities of your choosing: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Children's Hospital Foundation Australia or Red Cross Australia. You'll also go in the draw to win an iPad Mini.
International Early Childhood Symposium
April 20 - 22, 2018
ICC Sydney - Darling Harbour
KU launches events in Victoria
For the first time, KU Children's Services is excited to be bringing our extensive professional learning calendar to Victoria. The program is aimed at teachers, educators and cooks and includes topics about pedagogy and practice, the arts, technology and relationships with children.

Last year more than 5,300 teachers and educators benefited from KU professional learning programs and we are pleased to provide the opportunity for teachers, educators and cooks in Victoria to participate and gain value from our informative and engaging events.
7 time saving tricks for centre managers
Being time-poor is perhaps the biggest hurdle in being an effective manager in an early childhood education and care settings. So many people say: "If I didn't get so many interruptions, I might actually be able to get something done."

In this article we explore and look at timesaving tools to significantly improve communication with educators/teachers and families. These tools can literally save you hours each day.
Boost your occupancy
Our Premium and Enterprise services will increase parent enquiries to your child care business
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