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September 26, 2017
Welcome, this week we are delighted to feature a contribution by Jodie Clarke, The Empowered Educator on how to take dramatic play outside. Also, this month the first truly intergenerational care home opens in London, we look at this service and consider whether it is an option for Australia.
Taking dramatic play outside
Ideas to get you started
Spring has sprung and with it more opportunities to go outside. To celebrate the warmer weather and the learning opportunities to be had in the great outdoors, we are proud to feature an article by our guest writer Jodie Clarke, also known as The Empowered Educator.

The outdoor learning environment offers a wonderful stage to inspire little imaginations through dramatic play outside. By adding a few simple props from either indoors or the yard itself and making varying arrangements to the regular outdoor play space and equipment educators and parents can stand back and watch the learning, social and emotional development, leadership, role play and conversations unfold organically.
Intergenerational care
How it works and who it benefits
This month the first nursery (early childhood education and care service) to share premises with an aged care home will open in London. Apples and Honey Nightingale will provide opportunities for around 200 elderly residents from Nightingale House to meet daily with the 30 young children attending Apples and Honey Nursery.

Speaking to Nursery World Judith Ish-Horowicz, the principal of Apples and Honey nursery, which she set up in Wimbledon 26 years ago, said it had been her dream to set up the service for a long time.
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