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September 19, 2017
Welcome, this week we take a close look at the Froebel approach to early childhood education and care. Froebel 'invented' the notion of the kindergarten and his pioneering ideas greatly influenced Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner. Also, introduction of the Jobs for Families Package means lots of system changes for early childhood services.
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The Froebel Approach
In many ways, the modern kindergarten (in early childhood rather than primary school) owes its existence to German educator Friedrich Froebel. In 1837, when few others were engaged in educating pre-school aged children, Froebel created a program for young children based on 'play and activity' and 'the nurturing of creativity' to help children develop and grow.

Froebel was the first to recognise that children experience significant brain development in their first three years of life and his kindergartens (children's gardens) were based on the philosophy that humans are essentially creative beings that need to be given the opportunity to experience, learn and develop on their own terms and in their own timeframe
Jobs for Families Child Care Package
IT changes
The new Jobs for Families Child Care Package is coming, and with it a whole new IT system to support the changes due to take effect from 2 July 2018.

The government is implementing a raft of new systems and procedures, which are scheduled to go live in July 2018. Learn about the changes, how they will impact your service and what you can do to prepare here.
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