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May 30, 2017
Welcome, this week a range of strategies to promote the development of verbal language skills of children in care and another survey shows increasing parental support for No Jab No Play rules and information disclosure. Plus what parents think about child care in Australia - comments from the 2017 Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey
Promoting verbal language skills
Children are born with an instinct to engage and interact with their carers and the development of verbal communication is an exciting stage.

There are plenty of ways educators can work to nurture the development of verbal communication skills in young children in early childhood education and care settings. Encouraging and recognising communication efforts are effective for promoting further interactions and there are lots of simple strategies you can employ.
Poll shows No Jab No Play popular with parents
Close to 75 per cent of Australian parents believe they should be told how many children are not up-to-date with their vaccines in their child's school, kindergarten or child care centre according to a recent poll.

In addition, seven out of ten parents said knowing the percentage of under-vaccinated children in a service would influence their decision to send their child to that facility.
What you think
Comments from the 2017 Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey
Our annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey offers valuable insights into the state of the Australian early childhood education and care system and the barriers and enablers faced by working families.

Every year we ask parents and carers what the Government could do to improve the child care situation in Australia and every year we receive a variety of responses ranging from small practical tweaks that would offer minor adjustments to the current system, right through to sweeping overhauls by would be policy makers.

This week you can read some of the suggestions offered in our open comments section.
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