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May 23, 2017
Welcome, this week meet Family Day Carer Karen Garcin and new guidance for the Family Day Care sector from ACECQA to boost understanding about obligations and legal requirements. Also, findings from our 2017 survey on workforce participation.
Child care person in the spotlight
Karen Garcin
This week Karen Garcin from Karen's Montessori Family Day Care in Redlands, Queensland, shares her story and explains how staying 'one step ahead' helped her secure her recent Excellent Rating from ACECQA.

What is your full name?

My name is Karen Garcin and I am 56 years old. The children in my service call me Miss Karen as the very first child to enrol with me had attended a previous centre where I worked and called me Miss Karen. The other children picked it up and I'm still called Miss Karen.
Employment and Workforce Participation
2017 Survey Results
An important element of our annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey is to consider the decisions parents and guardians make about returning to work after they have children and how they balance (or don't) the competing pressures of work and family life.

This is important, as it gives us a snapshot of how open workplaces are to flexible work and whether these so called 'family friendly' arrangements are actually helping working families.
New Resources and Guidance for FDC Providers
In an effort to better support the family day care sector ACECQA is working with representatives from state, territory and the Australian governments to develop new and improved guidance for family day care providers, nominated supervisors, coordinators and educators.

To this end, ACECQA says that throughout 2017, a range of new resources will be developed to support family day care providers and services.

A number of new information sheets and guides are already available for family day care educators, providers, nominated supervisors and coordinators, which provide tailored information on specific staff roles.
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