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May 2, 2017
Welcome, are you doing enough to promote the development of numeracy skills in your service? This week some easy suggestions you can try today. Also, how to recognise ear infections in young children.
Boosting numeracy in the early years
The early childhood sector is being called on to take a more active role in promoting early numeracy skills after a British education think tank showed that a numeracy achievement gap equivalent to about 8 years of schooling exists between the highest and lowest performing students in the UK.

This week learn what the most effective early learning settings are doing to promote the development of early numeracy skills and close the gap between high and low performing students in later life.
Managing ear infections in early childhood
Winter is fast approaching and with the cooler weather comes a higher incidence of colds. In some children these colds can lead to painful ear infections. As early childhood education and care providers it's helpful to be able to identify and understand the symptoms of ear infections and what you can do to alleviate a child's pain and discomfort.
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