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May 16, 2017
Welcome, this week findings from a study of 2500 kids looking at how to give children the very best start in life in early childhood settings, also a reminder on state and territory requirements with regard to ECT registrations. We also have a snapshot of this year's Budget and what it means for families & child care.
Prescription for Developing a Child's Mind: E4Kids Study
This week we are pleased to share an article written by Jo Chandler from the University of Melbourne on how quality teacher interaction with children pays off in their future education and development.

This article covers some of the findings from a five-year study of nearly 2500 children and offers some fascinating information and insights.
Registration requirements for Early Childhood Teachers
ACECQA has published a really useful table to remind early childhood education and care providers of their registration requirements according to state and territory legislation.

This week we have shared a version of this table which you can use to learn individual teacher registration or accreditation requirements in your state or territory. You can also contact your local teacher registration body for more information.
Budget 2017
Families and child care
The 2017 Federal Budget was announced last week and in line with changes outlined in the Jobs for Families Package, funding for child care has been increased but will be delivered differently. Families with young children can expect the following changes:
  • The Family Tax Benefit has not been increased and from July 2018 will be subject to a means test, which means families will lose 30c of their Family Tax Benefit for every dollar they earn over $94,316.
  • From 1 July Family Tax Benefit Part A will be reduced by $28 per child per week for children who don’t meet stricter No Jab No Play rules.
  • The Budget includes an additional $37.3 billion for child care over three years and this will be distributed as a single means tested subsidy which will replace the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.
  • Under the single payment system there will be no cap on the rebate for families using child care who earn $185,710 or less. For families earning more than $185,710 the rebate will be capped at $10,000 per year per child.
  • Families earning a combined income $350,000 or more per year will not be eligible for the new child care payment.
  • Pre-school families will keep their 15 hours per week of free access for another 12 months.
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