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June 6, 2017
Welcome, this week meet Jenni Hutchins, the inspiring woman appointed as the new CEO of Big Fat Smile and learn how early childhood education and care providers can support Indigenous health.
Early childhood the key to improving Indigenous health
An important study into the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children has found programs and policies to promote healthy weight should target children as young as three.

Lead researcher Katie Thurber from The Australian National University (ANU) said the majority of Indigenous children in the national study had a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), but around 40 per cent were classified as overweight or obese by the time they reached nine years of age.

This finding raises important questions about the role of early childhood education and care providers in supporting Indigenous children in developing healthy eating habits from an early age.
Childcare person in the spotlight
Jenni Hutchins
This week we are proud to introduce you to Ms Jenni Hutchins the new CEO of Big Fat Smile, one of Australia's largest early education and care providers. Jenni is a registered psychologist and has a background working with children and families. Jenni took a few moments out of her busy schedule to tell us a bit about herself and her views on early education.

Which service do you work in?

I am the CEO of Big Fat Smile. Big Fat Smile has 40 Early Learning and Care Centres (made up of Pre-school and Long Day Care) and Out of School Hours Centres.
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