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June 20, 2017
Welcome, this week congratulations to all the winners in the 2017 Australian Family Early Education and Care Awards and a host of roar-some dinosaur craft ideas.
Celebrating excellence
2017 Early Education & Care Award Winners
Australia's leaders in the early childhood education and care sector have been announced and celebrated at the annual Australian Family Awards night held in Sydney on Friday.

Some 200 sector professionals attended the awards, which is now in its 13th year and includes nominations from private and community long day care, family day care, occasional care, preschool, early learning centres and school age care groups.
Dinosaur craft ideas
Dinosaurs are a source of fascination for most kids at some stage and as a result are a great theme to plan into your curriculum. Due to the wide range of excellent resources, dinosaur themed activities can encompass every aspect of the early childhood environment, from outside play to quiet time on the mat.

This week we feature some dino-themed craft ideas to put a bit of ROAR in your day.

Dinosaur feet - Use thick cardboard to create stomping dinosaur feet and hold a parade.

Paper plate diplodocus - The simple equipment required for this activity make it ideal for spontaneous art projects.

Dinosaur island - Create a prehistoric landscape for the toy dinos in your service to call home! This would make a great group activity if done on a large scale.

Dinosaur bones - Squishy, messy papier mache is used to create these awesome dinosaur bones which, when dry, would make great fossil hunting props.

Dinosaur eggs - Another fun papier mache project which, with a bit of planning, result in a dinosaur egg which actually hatches!

3-D eggs - Another option in the egg department, these eggs can be made to hatch too and offer a quicker outcome than papier mache.

Dinosaur skeleton - Use penne pasta to create a collage in the shape of a dinosaur skeleton.

Salt dough fossils - Create fossils out of salt dough, a great activity for promoting small motor development and perfect for younger kids.

T-Rex models - You'll need a printer to create the template for these ferocious beasts.

Dinosaur dioramas - These 3-D collages can be scaled up or down in complexity depending on the age and capabilities of the children.

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